Talking Moose

Coming soon.

For Windows PCs.


The Moose is free.

By Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC.

Dr Halls

Safe and impressive. It doesn't alter your PC. Everything will run smoothly.

How can it be so wonderful? The Moose ONLY uses positive happy words with power-of-suggestion abilities. We all want to manifest a good world, and we can. Try it and you'll realize the Moose helps.

Faithfully saying nice things to you, or jokes, news, and reminders. Your choice.

The Moose can say anything, and also say whatever you type in. You'll enjoy the laughter of those who join in.

The Moose doesn't listen. Thank goodness.

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Jenny June 21, 2019. Moose is fully updated and working absolutely fine. I think the cigarette suggestions are starting to take effect as I’m seriously planning a quit day very soon. Jenny S. (alpha tester).

Tammy May 31, 2019. I suffer from bad anxiety, and it manifests itself in various behaviors that I am now learning to recognize as anxiety.
I look forward to the constant positive reinforcement from Moose to stay calm, put things in perspective, take 5 minutes to stop and refocus.
I keep Moose running wherever I am. I find that I can can spiral fairly quickly if something triggers me. Moose is that voice is outside myself, which works effectively to “jolt” me out of my negative head space. I stop, process and regroup.
When anxiety creeps up on me, my internal dialogue is very counter productive. Hearing Moose’s voice is a subconscious mental note to take a step back from what I’m over thinking at the moment, as I now associate Moose with calming. Highly Recommended. Tammy R. (alpha tester)

Biji May 17, 2019. I love how this is going! The Moose is already a friend, counsellor, motivator, teacher, news reader, comic, weatherman, prompter, secretary and companion all rolled into one! The new updates would make the capabilities of Moose virtually unlimited! Biji G.

Raj May 15, 2019. I love the news and time plugin it inform me every time oh yes the weather plugin also My dream is here in moose . Raj S.

FAQ notes - click to expand

  • Works with Windows 10 and Win8.
    • Not for Win7 or WinXP. Not available for Android, iPhone, iOS, iPad, Mac, Linux.
    • It may not work on very old laptops with no game graphics on the motherboard.
    • It doesn't hurt to try. Nothing is installed or altered on your PC.
  • The basic Moose is free, and already amazing.
    • Cloud services and certain plugins have an optional paid plan.
  • Dr. Halls graduated medical school in 1985.
    • Dr. Halls had a 26 year career as a radiologist in Alberta, Canada.
    • Created the original Talking Moose in 1986. Now there is a new Moose.
    • Media inquiries, contact Dr. Halls, 1-780-608-9141
  • Coded in:
    • Moose graphics were coded in C++ and DirectX.
    • 3D mesh design by Meta3D of Austin,TX.
    • The Moose backend is coded in C# .NET.
    • Plugins are coded in HTML and javascript ES5.
  • Copyright and Trademarked.
    • The Moose is not open source, not on GitHub.
  • The Moose is a platform.
    • Plugins for the Moose can be like anything in an app store.
    • An app store for Moose plugins is coming in the future.
    • The Moose already has about 70 plugins.
    • It's an opportunity for content creators of the world, a new market.
    • Internet + plus timing + plus speaking + javascript = a very big Moose.
  • What the Moose says is unpredictable. The Moose can say anything.
    • It's your personal Moose on your personal computer.
    • Turn off anything you don't like hearing.
    • Jokes and sentences created by algorithms can be surprising.
    • It's not artificial intelligence. It is written by humans for humans.

Coming soon.

For Windows PCs.

As of Jan 10,2024, a new build has a good installer, and new cloud URLs. Moose download is back! Happy times are ahead for all of us.