Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC
418 Twin Brooks Cres. NW.,
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cellphone: 1-780-608-9141

Email: WaitForRealEmail@talkingmoose.com

Dr Halls

I am Steven Halls, MD, FRCPC, a radiologist in Canada. I worked the first half of my career in Edmonton at the Cross Cancer Institute, and the second half in Camrose, Alberta, Canada, at St. Mary's Hospital.

After a wonderful career with 26 years in practice, I retired in June 2019 at age 58 to concentrate on my software development, to launch and support the Talking Moose. I plan to continue improving it, providing support, and writing new content for the Moose, as long as I can, because I enjoy this kind of work.

It's creative work, writing content, writing code, interacting with people, solving puzzles, constant learning, trying to catch up with the state of the art. I think there's something addictive about coding, it gives intermittent positive reinforcement.

I believe the Moose will help people, and far more people than with radiology reports and procedures. Most won't even realize they were learning while gradually feeling better and better. Those who do, I would love to hear from you.

Many years ago, I coded a BMI calculator and I also realized that older people in the overweight category were actually the healthiest, so I wrote about it and coded my own criteria. As years have gone by, this became generally accepted knowledge. My body surface area calculator and breast cancer risk calculator became used and appreciated by most hospitals and health networks, but I never knew how popular until my website went down for a few weeks, and phone calls and emails from everywhere poured in.

I made a breast cancer information website and put lighthearted Moose and Doc chatting commentary on it, in the middle of serious pages full of facts about a scary disease. Over time, patients, nurses, breast specialists and oncologists have all come to appreciate the way it interrupts the anxiety that comes from reading that sort of material.

And now finally, the Moose software is released, and there's nothing else remotely like it. I know it will take a while to become accepted and appreciated for what it ultimately will accomplish. It's got all the ingredients of a secret recipe, to make a remarkable difference for people.

Another thing I did after retirement was to look at symbolism images on pInterest. If you see 1000 images a day, 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, for over 4 years, you become an expert. I post about symbolism on facebook, as Steven B Halls. The hidden meaning in symbolism is mostly about energy physics of the torus and its various flows and connections. By coincidence, 4 years is also the length of residency training to become a radiologist, after an MD degree.