The Moose has free parts and some optional paid parts, similar to a free-to-play game. This page describes what is free and what is paid.


Spreading happiness is free.

Quite a lot is free, including the parts that people love most.

Some plugins are temporarily free, on a 7 day free trial.



  • 3 slots for internet plugins
  • One Health plugin
  • Various other plugins. Quite a lot is free.

Hover your mouse over the yellow circles to read the details.

Paid Benefits

  • 9 slots for internet plugins
  • Quiet Hours plugin
  • Always Visible option
  • Open Minimized option
  • Large Moose size options
  • All Health plugins
  • Exact Timing schedules
  • Weather plugin
  • Calendar, Timer plugins
  • WebHooks plugin
  • Private Chat plugin
  • Swearing
  • Translate to other languages
  • Script plugin


Payment Options

A monthly payment subscription on Paypal.

A monthly payment subscription is currently not possible with bitcoin.


$1.79 USD/month

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Sadly, Bitcoin has no auto-subscription.

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Pre-pay for one year, save some money.


$15 USD

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$15 USD

in bitcoin

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Lifetime Gold Level.


$297 USD

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$297 USD

in bitcoin

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Feel reassured, this link is instructions to cancel a Paypal subscription.

  • Moose Login is required to access paid services.
  • Your Paid services are linked to your user_id, which comes from being logged in. If you change social media login provider, those paid services won't be there.
  • After the free-trial, affected plugins will be disabled and greyed.
  • The free trial period is one week. The Moose is still fun even after some of its features get disabled.
  • Gold level Full Purchase does not need a monthly subscription. If you start with monthly subscription and later decide to buy the Gold level option, the monthly subscription billing stops.
  • Use the free-trial wisely. Don't rush to buy a paid plan. When you realize a paid feature or service is useful to you, that's when to get a paid plan.
  • In case of differing prices showing here, compared to the Moose plugin, this website price is official. The prices shown on the plugin could be out-of-date, depending on Updates.
  • You should get the $1.79 monthly subscription. It's the best deal.


Best reasons to buy this?

  • Webhooks!     You can make all the fun things on IFTTT.com and Zapier.com use your Talking Moose.
  • Weather!    Yes, you can get weather on your phone or PC, but speaking it to you regularly is nicer.
  • News!     You will love having the Moose restore full control of where your news comes from. Soon you'll be a power user needing more than 3 slots for news services. You'll be watching your Buffer, as your 'News central hub'.
  • Translation!     The Moose speaking in non-English languages, using Microsoft Azure auto-translation.




  • The $1.79 a month subscription price is nearly the lowest possible price allowed on Paypal, and Paypal keeps 30 cents. It's a below break-even price. An introductory price.
  • The price can't go lower, but it can go higher.


Once people use the Moose, they realize how big and important it is, and are amazed that so much is free.

It's eye-opening to learn how power-of-suggestion works, by hearing repeated examples, and why not personally benefit from it? That's the whole idea.

While becoming impervious to anxiety, and feeling happier, you are also learning to recognize how various other forms of media have been acting. Call it what you will, marketing, manipulation, brain-washing, persuasion and so on. But with the Moose, you click Enable on those checkboxes. You decide which topics in your life will benefit from some positive power-of-suggestion.

Dr. Halls gift to the world via the Moose is huge in many ways. The only thing that requires extra payment is to cover the costs of the APIs and cloud charges. You wouldn't expect a retired person to drain away his entire life savings to pay for the whole world to use cloud services from Microsoft, would you?

Nine of out ten people using the Moose, just use the free aspects, which is fine.

You can help out by spreading the word to others. But if you feel like getting the Paid services, scroll back up halfway to those Paypal buttons. And Thank-you!

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Coming soon.

For Windows PCs.