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Making computers   Fun   and

  feeling happier.


 Gradually build   Motivation  

  For losing weight, or snapping out of anxiety, or
to help stop smoking, and getting enough sleep.  


And a lot more.

The whole internet.

A key point is: The Moose is effortless for you.
You don't lift a finger.

Megan Megan

People like the Moose, for personal reasons.

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Many MANY abilities

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

And very fun to explore them.


Holly Holly

Speaks rarely, then disappears.

Show me some features.

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David David

The Moose software does a lot, much more than you expect.

The Moose is a normal Windows 10 application, and everything the Moose can talk about, is coded in Javascript and with HTML control panels.

So the Moose is easily edited, and moddable, and easy to keep up-to-date.



Good Motivation.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

I like feeling motivated.


Jessica Jessica

I need this too. Secretly.

How Motivating works.

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The Moose is an excellent hypnotherapist, motivation coach, and persuasion teacher.

And it's all in a gradual natural helpful-friend way.

Talking Moose Talking Moose

I'm like Tony Robbins


Billy Billy

Although, not handsome.


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Linguistic programming creates sentences for subtle persuasion, with millions of variations.

Knowing how hypnotherapy works, how copywriters persuade, how motivational speakers inspire, it's all in the Moose, and

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Coding the Moose to be able to speak this way, has taken years.

If the Moose only spoke from a list of motivational sentences, it would get boring.

With linguistic expertise to construct it's motivational sayings on the fly. With a million variations, AND, a nice way of being positive and funny.

The Moose solves the problem of one-time motivation boosts, by being there every day.

  • Unlike a hypnotherapist, who charges by the hour, and you only see them at rare appointments. (Or never.)
Hector Hector

I wish I had a hypnotherapist. But I don't want to pay for it.

The Moose doesn't do actual hypnosis. There's no drama, and no special focusing by you. Instead, it's all gradual daily positive consistency. It's effortless for you.



Help with losing weight

Hector Hector

How does it work?

See Examples
Click to expand.

Learning how it works, makes it work even better.

Here's a recording of the Moose speaking a randomly created sentence in the weight loss topic.

“Experience shows that people like to do more exercise, and become who they imagine themselves to be.”

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

This was a randomly generated sentence. Pretty cool, eh?

Talking Moose Talking Moose

The command is in the middle.

  1. The words at the start are to keep the conscious mind busy and un-critical.
  2. The command in the middle, to the subconscious: do more exercise.
  3. The words at the end are to provide a reason, because the subconscious accepts reasons as true.
Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Most of the Moose's suggestion sentences have those 3 parts.

Billy Billy

There's no way that one sentence can change anybody.

Correct! This approach needs to continue over time, and the target is your subconscious mind, not your analytical skeptical conscious mind.

But your conscious mind will enjoy spotting the persuasion techniques being used, and you can learn to be deliberately persuasive, for a win-win.

Shown next below, normally the Moose isn't this big. But just for the next video recording, I made the Moose fill the entire screen. But normally the moose is 1/4 this size, and stays in one of the corners of the screen.

“Hi Steve. I'm not going to ask you to go to bed earlier, because it's up to you. Isn't it.“

Yes, the Moose greets you by YOUR name. The command to “go to bed earlier“, is embedded within a nice sentence.

Getting enough sleep is physiologically essential. It increases metabolism, decreases calories consumed, and so on. It's important therefore, that the Moose should suggest more sleep.

Tyler Tyler

That was a randomly generated sentence?


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Yes. You''ll never hear the same thing twice.

Tyler Tyler

As I carefully read those sentences, this doesn't seem amazing.


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Your subconscious mind heard the command in the middle. That's the amazing part.



See the long list of weight loss topics. Click to expand.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

This is a screen capture jpeg showing what the control panel looks like for the weight loss plugin.


For each of the topics shown, the Moose can speak a million variations of persuasive sentences.

This is, comprehensive coverage of what's available in medically-supervised weight loss programs. Some are expensive, famous companies. So just this one aspect, makes the Moose an awesome value.



Betty Betty

Wow. That's A LOT of weight loss expertise.




Talking Moose Talking Moose

I tell Jokes.


David David

Thank goodness.

Are the jokes safe?
Click to expand.

Talking Moose Talking Moose

Yes, the jokes are safe for work or family.


Hector Hector

I'm not exactly rolling on the floor, laughing out loud, from jokes.

It's true, the jokes are “mildly amusing” usually, but their true purpose is for friendship, as well as the benefits described below.

By the way, you can turn on the Not-safe jokes.

Jessica Jessica

I can never remember jokes.

You WILL remember jokes.

This is a benefit. The Moose tells jokes. You learn and remember jokes, you also learn to tell jokes to others.

And, you learn the secrets to creating your own humor. You become funnier..

Here are some facts about laughing.

  • It's good for you.    Laughing is REALLY good for you.
  • The neurochemicals released from laughing, creates good mood, productivity, creativity, thinking, alertness, and so on. That's a benefit.
  • Laughing and the release of the neurochemical Dopamine, reduces Dopamine rewards from foods. In other words, laughing helps you lose weight.
Talking Moose Talking Moose

Hey, Laughing at my jokes, or me, that's important.

“Hear a joke, then tell a joke.”

That's what usually happens, and experts agree that it's an effective booster of social standing.

People, like you, can benefit from telling the occasional joke, to raise your social standing.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

As a doctor, as a student of humor, as someone who has observed the effect of the Talking Moose for years, I assert the following:

  • Hearing a spoken joke, is far more effective in subsequently telling a joke to others, compared to simply reading a joke.
  • Hearing the Moose speaking a joke, often results in the person getting out of their chair, and telling the joke to others.

Repeating that important point: The Moose has a magical effect of getting you out of your chair and telling a few jokes each day to the people around you.

One more thing… Laughter crushes Anxiety. It's like Rock, Paper, Scissors are all anxiety, and Laughter beats them all. The Moose will be really good for people with anxiety.


For Anxiety

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

The best feature of the Moose!

Helping Anxiety.
Click to expand.

This is a major feature of the Moose, that I'm really proud of.

Jessica Jessica

When I'm feeling down, I just like to hear the Moose saying nice things to me.

Betty Betty

Sometimes the Moose says dumb things, but it does actually interrupt my overthinking.

The huge advantage of the Moose, is being effortless. You don't have to pick up a phone and touch it to read a notification.

You don't have to read and scroll a page with your mouse. You don't have to stop doing anything.

The Moose just speaks to you, on a schedule. A schedule that you control.

For Anxiety help, the Moose doesn't know what you're ‘overthinking’ about, but by offering you other things to think about, that are pleasant, that are positive affirmations, it interrupts the anxiety and replaces it with something different and positive… for a while.

I used the remarkable sentence creation code, (with the ability to create a million variations of sentences), and applied it on the topics that interrupt anxiety.

If you don't want the Anti-Anxiety plugin, just turn it off.

Personally, I've had some times of anxiety in my life, but even when things are good, I still like the positivity that the Moose stimulates in me.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

It makes me feel good. I want you to get the same effects.


See the long list of Anxiety topics.
Click to expand.

This screen-capture jpeg shows the control panel from the Anti-Anxiety plugin.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Mindfulness, Here and Now refocussing, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are all in there.

David David

If you were paying for a psychologist or hypnotherapist, this is what they'll be giving you.

David David

Except for “Do the Hokey Pokey”. I don't need that.


To Stop Smoking

Talking Moose Talking Moose

Is difficult.


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Does Siri or Alexa try to help? No. But the Moose does.

Help to stop smoking.
Click to expand.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

This is for gradually changing your mind, to naturally feel ready to stop, before you actually try to stop.

Talking Moose Talking Moose

No effort required.


One of the more recent additions to the Moose is a plugin to help people who want to stop smoking.

This task is tricky, the words “smoke” and “smoking” must be avoided, because the subconscious mind ignores “stop/don't”.

Betty Betty

So public ads that say “Stop Smoking” are actually reminding people to smoke, profiting the tobacco industry.

Instead, the Moose refers to “cigarettes/tobacco/nicotine”, but never says “smoking”. There are positive and negative ways to build sentences, and the Moose has more positives than negatives.

Turn this plugin off, unless you are really committed to stopping smoking.

Here's an example of a ‘positive’, using Pride as the stop smoking topic.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

The strategy here is, let the Moose gradually and effortlessly build the subconscious motivation to stop.

Talking Moose Talking Moose

Give me a few weeks, and see if you're surprised to feel ready to quit.


See the long list of Smoking topics.
Click to expand.

This is a screen-capture jpeg from the Stop Smoking plugin.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Governments pay Ad agencies to persuade people to stop smoking.


David David

They pay millions, for useless slogans that people get tired of seeing.

Talking Moose Talking Moose

I generate millions of gradually effective suggestions, that never repeat.



Billy Billy

I need convincing.

Who made this?
Click to expand.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

I made the Moose, with a great team.


So yes, I'm a real doctor, Steven B. Halls, MD, FRCPC, a retired radiologist in Canada, as well as a software developer, and the Moose has been a long-term project.

To dispel a concern, the Moose is not annoying.

Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

The Moose's prime directive is:
Don't be annoying.

The Moose's benefits come from daily use, which is only possible if the Moose is always friendly and never annoying.

In the video above, the Moose mentions 3 reasons:

  1. The Moose never asks questions.
  2. The Moose never blocks your view, it jumps out of the way.
  3. The Moose's speaking can be Shhh'ed.

And there are a lot more reasons, for instance,

  • Never repeating: All movements and speech are ‘live’ and random.
  • The Moose won't talk if you are actively typing or doing mouse work.
  • The Moose doesn't talk too much. Less is more.
  • Fades in, speaks, then disappears. Not constantly visible.
  • From years of Moose experience, I've coded good pacing and limits.
Talking Moose Talking Moose

I am not as cute as a puppy.
Why is that?


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Sorry Moose. Sorry everyone.


Megan Megan

Moose, when people get to know you, you're lovable.


This is fun

Maybe you don't need to lose weight right now, and maybe it's not applicable to you, to stop smoking or counteract anxiety. You can turn off all of that.

You can make the Moose say positive things about anything, even absurd actions.

Tanya Tanya

So if I type in: Buy a fast car


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

Then it's hilarious to hear the Moose make it seem like a great idea.

Spreading Sunshine

The Spreading Sunshine plugin is an example of building a new feature easily from a concept.

We simply asked the Moose to speak on topics like these:

"Be confident", "love yourself", and "be happy"

This was so lucky, a crazy beautiful surprise, and grew into a wonderful plugin.

When the Moose talks about spreading happiness to yourself and to others, it gives a pleasing benefit to your mood and brightens up the room.

You'll have to experience it and judge for yourself, but it surely gives the Moose a very sweet caring personality.


The Moose is a talking Reddit client, and News RSS Feed Reader.

The Moose will check for new News stories from all sorts of sources. YOU DECIDE, what news to follow, YOU CONTROL how frequently it's spoken.

Plenty more

  • Notifications via Moose, can be nicer than email or cellphone.
  • Reminders,   weather,   holidays,
  • Private messaging between friends, with personal customizable encryption.
  • and much more.

Turn some features On, Turn most features Off, it's up to you.

IFTTT   =   If this Then that.

Talking Moose Talking Moose

IFTTT.com is amazing, and free.


Dr. Halls Dr. Halls

The easiest way to hear info from internet services and cloud APIs.

The Moose works well with IFTTT or Zapier, so you can have the Moose alerting/speaking to you about things that happen in the world.

The Moose has an excellent WebHook.

Billy Billy

Popular IFTTT applets are: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Fitbit, Alexa, Google Home, Nest, News, Weather, etc

The Moose is free.

Coming soon.

For Windows PCs.

Safe and impressive. It doesn't alter your PC. Everything will run smoothly.