Privacy Policy

The Moose respects your personal data and complies with and exceeds all regulations.

Whatever personal data you supply, it can be edited and corrected by you, deleted by you, made to be forgotten entirely, and none of it shared with anyone else.

What is used?

Your name, your age, your birthday, your location, your gender.


Your name, so the Moose can call you by name, like “Hi Steve”, “Hello Dr. Halls”, etc.

Your age and gender, because the Moose builds sentences to be spoken, and some of those sentence structures mention your age and gender. For example, “As a 57 year old man, you can reevaluate the benefit of quitting cigarettes, because your heart will become stronger.”

Your birthday, so the Moose can wish you a Happy birthday, on your birthday.

Your location, is used by the Weather plugin, to speak a weather report from your location.

No info shared

We have no partners, no agencies showing ads, no tracking of anything you do anywhere outside the Moose software. Your personal info is not shared with anyone.